My Mission

My mission is to create a positive, memorable and stress-free real estate experience for my clients. To assist my clients in achieving the best possible sale or purchase price for their home, with the best possible terms by providing up-to-date information, education, skilled analysis and negotiation, and sound real estate advice.

My Vision

To build a real estate business that provides the highest quality service from a positive working environment. To build lifetime client relationships that enhance the referral and repeat base of the business.

My Values

Living with integrity, purpose and passion, while remaining grateful and humble.

Ida Vivacqua

I stand by my beliefs as a real estate agent:

  • Education is the highest form of communication
  • Challenges are our greatest opportunity for learning, growth and strength
  • The work I do and my actions are a reflection of who I am
  • However much you give, more than that will be given to you

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